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Architectural Services

The Client Brief

The first consideration for the Designer is to listen to the Client’s requirements and aspirations and then to successfully interpret and incorporate them into a Client Brief, which will be the basis for the Design. It is usually necessary for the Client to be advised by the Designer with regard to various aspects of the scheme, with particular regard to Planning and Budgetary limitations. At KPG Design Associates particular emphasis is placed on this stage of the procedure to ensure that the Client is fully involved and satisfied with the outcome.

The Design and Planning Application

The Design begins with a Draft Design based on the Client Brief, usually in the form of AutoCad line drawings, which can be e-mailed or posted to the Client for their viewing and comments. After the Client has approved the Draft Design the detailed drawings are prepared, incorporating all of the amendments and changes arising from the Client’s comments, where appropriate. Often Planning Officers will suggest that they see the Draft Design before submission so that they can give an initial reaction to the scheme and equally often we ask for a pre-application opinion from the Local Planning Authority, when advisable. Subject to the outcome of the aforementioned consultations, the Drawings, together with all the supplementary material and relevant application forms, are assembled and  submitted electronically via The Planning Portal (The Government’s Planning Web Site) to the Local Planning Authority (LPA) to be examined and validated. Once the LPA have validated the application the process of consideration and determination will begin. At KPG we actively monitor the application throughout and, where necessary, speak to the Case Officer to avoid any precipitous actions by the LPA, such as a Delegated Refusal without further reference to ourselves or The Applicant. This frequently avoids unnecessary delays or re-submissions and in most cases allows us to determine what the Case Officer’s recommendation will be prior to Determination thus giving us time to consider the options and inform and advise the Applicant accordingly.

The Detailed Construction Drawings and Building Regulations

For all but the most minor building works it is necessary to obtain Building Regulations Approval. There are two methods available but since we are not usually involved in Minor Works we will address the Full Plans Submission and Works Inspection method.

In addition to Local Authority Building Control it is now possible to use private companies who are approved to inspect both the plans and the on-site work and issue Approvals. It is necessary to prepare detailed construction drawings for approval and thereafter for use by the Builder. We can prepare such drawings based on the Approved Planning Drawings and submit and obtain Full Plans Approval. Where necessary our Structural Engineers will provide structural solutions with calculations to the satisfaction of the Inspecting Authority.

Should the Client or any other interested party require periodical Architect’s Inspections or Architect’s Certificates we are happy to provide these. We carry adequate Professional Indemnity Insurance to cover most projects which can be increased if required.