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Surveying Services

We offer the following surveying services, undertaken by suitably qualified engineers, surveyors and specialists.

Building condition reports, structural surveys and recommendations - are often a requirement for Planning and Listed Building applications, particularly when considering the conversion of redundant agricultural buildings for alternative use. In addition lenders frequently ask for such reports when considering whether to provide funding facilities for development proposals.

We have provided such reports for many years and are very familiar with the protocol and formats that are acceptable to Local Planning Authorities, banks and other lenders. We also provide pre-purchase surveys and reports for those considering any type of land or property acquisition. We do not, however, provide Property or Land Valuations.

Environmental, Nature Conservancy and Bio-Diversity reports - one or all of which are  almost always requested for any form of rural development Planning Application. Our Specialist Consultants have extensive experience in carrying out the relevant surveys and investigations and producing acceptable reports for purposes ranging from Barn Conversions to new Highway Construction. We have always been impressed by their ability to provide such reports within very tight time frames when necessary and always to the satisfaction of the Authority.

Land Surveys - including Boundary Definition, Flood Risk appraisals and mitigation recommendations, contamination identification and recommendations, topographical surveys and drawings, non-mains drainage schemes and porosity tests, ECO drainage schemes and development suitability reports; can be undertaken by suitably qualified specialists, all of whom have considerable experience in Rural Development Projects.

Historical Building reports - are a definite requirement for any Listed Building Consent Application, ranging from a relatively brief reference to known history and architectural merits, with emphasis on the impact of the proposed works, to a detailed survey and extensive report possibly requiring a qualified Buildings and Architectural Historian who will have to search local Archives for the necessary material on which to base the report, in addition to an on-site survey. We can, and have facilitated this requirement in many instances having access to a number of Specialists with whom we have worked over the years in various parts of the Country.

Energy Conservation - has been a significant consideration in Building Design for some years now and the statutory demand for increased performance in this regard continues and is likely to do so for some years. There are many ways by which such requirements can be achieved and at KPG we are constantly researching new materials and methods of improving a building’s performance in energy conservation and carbon emissions. This not only means that the building will satisfy current Building Regulations, which we see as the minimum standard on which we improve, but also the owner can take some satisfaction in the fact that they will have made a responsible contribution to a reduction of global emissions in addition to reducing running costs.